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Theoretically, almost every shape was to be a different colour. We mixed paint, painted, added more colour to the mix and painted again.

We used inexpensive paint bought from a local craft shop and some oddments of paint we already had. We mixed the paint in little plastic screw-top pots intended for cosmetics. We have been using these pots for many years and have found them to be very useful for mixing, and keeping small quantities of anything. The sponges were a good find in the craft shop as they make it very easy to keep a steady line in a large shape.

When the centre was finished we moved the fabric across and finished the sides.

Inevitably, there were mistakes. We corrected these at the end by mixing some yellow paint to match the fabric. It is difficult to spot them in the finished piece even if you go looking for them.

Our screen-printing table is big but not big enough. We decided to start painting at the centre and work our way outwards. The plan was to make the design as random, and varied, as possible so that it would be interesting to look at spread on the floor as well as in the pillar.

There were three of us painting and we made independent choices about colours and where to use them.